Apogee Medalist E6-8 Motor Pkg

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Apogee Medalist E6-8 Motor Pkg
The E6-8 is part of the Apogee Medalist line of rocket motors. It features ultra-high-energy propellant (very similar to what is used in the Space Shuttle) and is designed for a special application: lifting lightweight rockets to extreme altitudes. This motor is the same size as an Estes “D12″ engine, but has twice the power, so it will take your rocket more than twice as high! It is a LONG burn motor, with a thrust duration of over 6 seconds. This means it will go and go and go, and you’ll wonder if it will ever stop. It also makes a unique sound as it burns, sort of like a hissing snake. You and your friends will be awed by high your rockets will go with this motor.

This motor can be used in most rocket kits as a replacement for the Estes D12-7. It is not suitable in multi-stage rockets. Includes an igniter and instructions for use. Qty per package: 1

Due to government regulations, this model rocket motor must be transported by truck (no expedited aircraft transport) and cannot be shipped outside the USA. Please allow for extra delivery time when ordering.

Always have an adult supervisor present when launching any model rocket.
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