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Bop n’ Beep love to do everyting together. Be it an arguement over snacks, which movie to see, or what color race car not to drive, they always see things quite differently from one another. Bop gets along really well with Ox (they see things X to X) while Beep happens to think Wedgehead really knows his stuff. (just stuff, you know.) So hey are Bop n’ Beep really attached to each other, or are they just really good pals? They got each others backs Jack! Now they just need you to play referee. This is one doll with Bop on one side and Beep on the other. Ugly doll Bop N’ Beep Blue/Green Keychain is 4″ tall. Recommended Age: 2 and up

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Ouran High Host Club School Bag with School’s insignia and bun bun symbol on the side. The bag is how a traditional Japanese High School Bag looks like. It is approx 16 inches x 12 inches also come with a long strap to carry with shoulder. Extremely rare and unique.

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Brooms have long been connected with witchcraft, almost universally portrayed as medieval-style round brooms and associated with female witches (often referred to as a besom). Anecdotally, the broom served another purpose during periods of persecution. Witches and other magic practitioners would disguise their wands as broom sticks to avoid suspicion.

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This awesome clip closure messenger bag features LFO from the anime, Eureka 7. The slightly padded messenger flips opens to reveal 4 pen holders, 2 zipper closure mesh pocket, and a spacious pocket perfect for books, folders, or a laptop. There is a side pocket for your drink, cellphone, or MP3 player. Even better, there is a large outside pocket on the back of the messenger.

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This stylish and fun suitcase with wheels is the ideal carry-on for little fairy princesses who want to see the world. 2 zip front pockets, 2 side pockets, retractable handle, double all around zip closure. Also comes with mermaid keychain.

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