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Built In Magnifier Built-In LED Light No-Slip Precision Tips Also Great For: Splinters, Ingrown Hairs and Crafts Grabs Even The Finest Hairs, Manufacturer: Touch Tech

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Length: 14.3″ (36.32 cm), Dia.: 0.976″ (24.8 mm), Weight: 1.07 oz (30.37 g) Scale-like, surface-to-air missile! Looks realistic on the launch pad and in the air! Includes precision water-slide decals and quick-release engine mount for fast engine change. Flights of over 1000 feet are possible with a C6-7 motor. Easy to build and fly; makes a great beginner kit. Features a blow molded plastic nose cone, die-cut balsa fins, and 12″ parachute recovery. To fly this model it requires a launch system & rocket engines (SOLD SEPARATELY), Manufacturer: Custom Rocket

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The foot-launched rocket of mega-proportions! This rocket towers over the competition even before it takes off! Just step on the foot tab, hook the launcher on the rocket, and with an upward swinging motion, this monster of a rocket will take to the skies! Big rocket, big flight, big fun! Set includes one rocket and one launcher. Patent pending. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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The “SR-72 Darkbird” is a model rocket that may look like an airplane, but trust us; it’s all rocket power!

The stealthy SR-72 aircraft blasts off on rocket power, taking you along on its super-secret mission. You’ll be pleased by its awesome liftoff. It is both visually spectacular, and an auditory blast. This is no woosh-pop rocket. After climbing straight-up to fantastic heights on the roar of rocket power, the SR-72 transitions to its primary mission as a high speed aircraft.

And when its mission is completed, it glides gracefully back to the ground; ready to take on its next top secret mission. You’ll swear when watching it, that it looks like a real airplane screaming over the launch field.

Because of the unique design of the airplane, it can be prepped and launched again in seconds!

The kit contains a durable injection molded plastic nose cone, precision die-cut balsa wings, vacuum form inlet cones, and a unique paper canopy on the top of the fuselage. It also includes special templates that allow the model to be assembled quickly and easily.

Recommended Rocket Engines: Estes 1/2A3-2T, A3-4T, or A10-3T

Requires a rocket launch pad and ignition controller, plus finishing supplies like glue and paint.

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The RDR-1 rocket kit is a nice introduction into LARGE diameter rockets. It is huge, at 4-inches in diameter; you’ll have to hold it with two hands. This is a simple-to-build rocket that uses the same assembly skills you learned building smaller rockets. For example, the fins are joined to the tube using the simple and traditional method of the butt-joint.

The short-squat shape of the rocket has a lot of appeal. It just seems to say that this is a “fun” rocket. And it is a lot of fun. Did you know where the name came from? If you say Har-Dee-Har real fast, it sounds like you are saying “R-D-R.” That’s a true story right from the kit designer. You can tell they have a good sense of humor…

The rocket kit comes with:

HUGE blow-molded plastic nose cone. The nose cone is almost as long as the rest of the rocket!

Fin alignment lines are pre-marked on the tube. That saves you time, since you don’t have to mark the fin position yourself.

Water-Slide Decals.

Thick-wall cardboard tubes: They don’t look thick because the tube is so large in diameter. But trust me, these tubes are meant to take a beating and survive some very rough landings. That means your rocket will last and last and last.

28-inch Diameter Rip-Stop Nylon Cloth Parachute.

Balsa wood fins. Balsa is very lightweight, so these fins help keep the tail-end of the rocket light. Because this is such a short rocket relative to its diameter, keeping the back end light helps insure the rocket is stable when launched.

Thick Card-Stock Centering Rings.

Laser-Cut Rings and Fins: This translates into a kit that goes together a lot faster and with less effort on your part.

Elastic Shock Cord

Recommended 29mm diameter rocket engine (not included): Aerotech F20-4, or F42-4

Requires a rocket launch pad equipped with a 1/4-inch diameter launch rod, plus construction supplies like glue and paint.

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Now you can generate the fuel of the future and launch a rocket into orbit! — A new fuel technology, developed by scientists at Estes, uses water to generate the hydrogen fuel needed to thrust these sleek rockets up to 200′ into the sky. You can launch either the helicopter-style rocket that spins back to Earth or fire off the foam-tipped rocket that bounces when it hits the ground. — The kit comes complete with a hydrogen fuel generating launch system, a four-point system check, a remote push-button ignition and the 2 ready-to-fly rockets. Minor assembly required. — Requires 6 “D” batteries (not included). — For ages 10+; adult supervision recommended.

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This is a Mandrel from Gyros Products. FEATURES: Well balanced, precision made quality steel. For use with motor tools with 1/8″” collets and accessories with 1/4″” diameter hole. Includes one mandrel and one washer. Carded packaging. INCLUDES: One Mandrel. REQUIRES: Rotary Hobby Tool SPECS: Shank: 1/8″” Body: 5/16″” Screw: 1/4″” sdw 10/25/01 ir/kh

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