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This 34 paged book on creating miniature hats gives step by step directions on creating millinery creations for the 1:12 scale miniature setting.

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Its the Gross-Out 3D Trading Game thats disgustingly fun for kids ages 6-12 to collect, play and trade. Creepy Freaks are tabletop miniatures designed with younger kids in mind. This game is full of gross-out humor that kids love and designed around simple rules that are easy for them to understand. Freak Leaders pit teams of Creepy Freaks monsters against each other to see wholl be the first to Freak Out the others. Among the 56 Creepy Freaks in the game are Frosty the Snotman, with his special Chunky Sneeze attack; the ultracool Skelehomie, who stays calm no matter how gross the game gets; Worm Breath with his Worm Toss; and Monster under the Bed, who wails the Moan of Doom. Each Starter Set includes everything a single player needs to get started. Two sets are available so kids can choose their favorite. Contents: Nate, Worm Breath, Tulips, and Frosty the Snotman 4 character stickers 4 ID stickers Playmat Rulebook Die Creepy Freaks Cartoon DVD

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TMCC Track Power Controller (TPC) 400 For those with greater power needs, the TPC 400 is for you. Regulating up to an impressive 400 watts of power, the TPC 400 takes all of the features from the TPC 300 and adds compatibility with MTH® Proto-Sound® 2 in conventional mode. There is no need to box yourself into a corner with any other control system. With the TMCC TPC 400, full compatibility with any AC train is at your fingertips! Power supply not included Regulates up to 400 watts of power

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This is a regular length Standard Gauge Straight Track section. It is 14 inches long.

Sku: 468357926
Manufacturer: MTH
Model Number: 10-1038
Scale/Era: Std Gauge Modern
Model Type: Track/Switches/Etc.
Condition: New
Original Box: Yes

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The Lockheed Orion came into existence in 1958 as the successor to the P-2V Neptune. Its main applications were long-range patrol flights over large sea areas and anti-submarine warfare. In addition to extensive electronic equipment, a special feature of the Orion is the long projecting MAD boom on the tail for tracking submerged submarines. Eight torpedoes or depth charges can be carried in a weapons bay in the fuselage. The first German Orions will officially go into service in mid 2006. Model details: Super decal with Versions: German Navy (MfG3), Dutch Navy (320 Sqn), US Navy.

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