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Jada introduces the next evolution of their import die-cast vehicles: Import Racer! Option D, once again bringing you the hottest trend reflecting heavily on the import scene’s latest craze–the sport of drifting! This highly detailed model feature sdeluxe packaging and graphics, a race track display base, and a feature never before released by Jada: fully adjustable negative camber suspension. Now, with the turn of a screw on the chassis of the vehicle, die-cast enthusiasts can tune and adjust their car as if preparing for extreme drift racing action. Features opening doors, hood, and trunk; extreme detailed interior, and Veilside Andrew Racing V wheels.

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Capri was the most popular Chris Craft model during the Fifties. This runabout got all the details that made the success of the firm including the two wood colours and luxurious cockpit.:The panoramic windshield had completed the modernization. This 19 feet was propelled by a 95 hp engine (33 m/h) or a 131 hp (38 m/h). 783 Capri were made between 1955 and 1958.

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Instead of the stereoscopic range finder of its predecessor, the M 60 A3 was equipped with a laser range finder and an M 21 computerized fire control system together with thermal imaging aiming and tracking equipment. In addition it had a weapon stabilization system and a crosswind sensor. The M68 105 mm cannon was equipped with a thermal sleeve, it now had a 7.62 mm M 240 acting as coaxial MG. The commander’s cupola with 360 degree traverse and 12.7 mm Fla-MG was taken over unchanged. In action, 63 x 105 mm cartridges, 900 x 12.7 mm cartridges and 6,000 x 7.62 mm cartridges were carried in the vehicle. An automatic halon fire extinguisher system and smoke projectile system consisting of six dischargers on each side of the turret, made up the equipment of these vehicles, which remained in service with the US army into the nineties. Model details: Traversing turret; Traversing commandant’s cupola with opening hatch; Injection molded tracks in segments; Separate mesh basket for turret; and Imitation tow rope made of yarn.

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The Spitfire is certainly the most famous and best known fighter aircraft of World War II. Winning many dogfights of this conflict, the plane was first developed in the 1930s. It underwent a continuous evolution and improvement of its aerodynamic features as well as its engine and armament made it last with numerous airforces until after the appearance of the first jets.

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The TMCC Command Base receives digital signals from your CAB-1 Remote Controller and relays the commands across your layout. Only one is required for each layout no matter how big or how many power blocks you have.

Sku: 1178740132
Manufacturer: Lionel
Model Number: 12911
Scale/Era: O Modern
Model Type: Transformers
Condition: New
Original Box: Yes
First Year Available: 2001
Last Year Available: 2001

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This item has special shipping requirements. Please see our shipping information page for more details.These handy paints for hobby use are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are completely safe. Can be used on most common model plastics. Paint can be washed away with plain water if done prior to curing.

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