The sky?s the limit for this super stable, drift free transmitter! Most low cost transmitters are tunable and subject to frequency drift when subjected to temperature variations and vibration, etc. The MR6 frequency is set by a crystal to a frequency in the 2 meter Ham band of 146.535 MHz, easily picked up on any scanner radio or 2 meter rig. Changing the crystal allows you to change frequency anywhere in the 140 to 160 MHz range, and crystals cost only five or six dollars. The telemetry/data input on the MR6 will accept any audio frequency telemetry source from your application?s sensors. Transmission range is approximately

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For 30 years, Ramsey has provided educational hobby kits giving thousands and thousands of kids their start in electronics. We’ve searched and searched for an Electronics Lab specifically designed to teach the youngest experimenter the fun and excitement of electronics. The PL130 does just that! Learn the basics and theory of electronics the fun way, while building 130+ projects that you actually see working when you’re done! The detailed 162 page instruction manual covers the hows and whys of every circuit, theory, parts identification, and description. We’ve looked at a lot of these kits, and have turned them down because of the documentation. This one is a winner! Detailed content within the owners manual includes: -Entertainment Circuits (sounds) -Basic Semiconductor & Components Circuits -LED Digital Display Circuits -Digital Circuits -Transistor-Transistor Logic -Application Circuits Based On the Oscillator -Basic Operational Amplifier Circuits -Communication Circuits -Testing & Measuring Circuits Owners manual provides simple, clearly-written instructions which help you operate and experiment with each project. Schematics/ diagrams accompany the later projects. For Children 10 and Older. Six Double A Batteries Required, Not Included. All components for the projects are included.

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Blow Them Off The Line! The Knight Invader is a super race car that not only blows away its competitors at the starting line but also includes construction projects, teaches the principles of electricity, and demonstrates three different modes of propulsion. It blows a fierce force of air to propel it off the starting line and challenges any competitor to keep up with it when it changes to direct DC motor drive! When on a mission the Knight Invader can change its transportation mode to solar power by adding the OWI608 solar panel kit giving it a secret mode of power. Includes detailed teaching instructions as well as assembly instructions. Requires 2 standard AA batteries, not included. From Owikit. Do Not Include the Solar Panel Battery Kit

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