Star Wars Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter Flying model rocket. Great for the star wars collector, this discontinued rocket is hard to find. Recommened engines (not included) B4-2, B6-2 (first flight), C6-5.

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Blue NinjaThe Blue Ninja is the biggest rocket in the E2X class! It is over 30 in. (76.2 cm) tall and is powered by a ” C11″ or “D” Estes engine. The Blue Ninja comes with shiny blue prismatic body tubes and colored fins and nose cone. Requires 3/16 in. (5 mm) Maxi launch rod (EST 302244) – sold separately. Length: 31.3 in. (79.5 cm) Diameter: 1.64 in. (41.6 mm) Weight: 5.1 oz. (145.4 g) Recovery: 18 in. (46 cm) Parachute Fins: Through the Tube Plastic molded Maximum Altitude: 780 ft. (238 m) Recommended Engines: C 11-3, D12-3

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Length: 15.5″ (39.4 cm), Dia.: 0.976″ (24.8 mm), Weight: 1.07 oz (30.37 g) Payloader! Transparent red tube holds important insect or small biological experiments. Easy to build and fly; makes a great beginner kit. Features blow molded plastic nose cone, die-cut balsa fins, and 12″ parachute recovery. Includes precision printed water-slide decals and quick-release engine mount for fast engine change. Flights of over 1000 feet are possible with a C6-7 motor. To fly this model it requires a launch system & rocket engines (SOLD SEPARATELY), Manufacturer: Custom Rocket

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They may be small but they pack a feisty punch and look great doing it. Pull back, launch and release. These mini Rockets climbs to massive heights! Constructed of soft foam with the extra soft nose cone. Colors and designs will vary. Recommended for ages 8 and older.

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The Rising Star rocket kit from DynaStar Mid-Power Rockets is a beautiful introduction into the realm of mid-size rockets. It is easy to build, uses readily available “D” and “E” size rocket motors, and is a real eye-catching model that is sure to get noticed whenever it is launched.

The big clear-plastic payload bay is what makes this model unique. It is large enough to fit almost any size payload — even two raw eggs. Of course, you can launch other payloads as well, like an altimeter to measure how high your rocket flies; or launch a strobe light or buzzer to help you locate the rocket once it has landed.

You can even fly non-electronic payloads that are flown just for fun. Try launching a toy action figure, and make it into an astronaut. Or launch a dozen jumping grasshoppers, and see how they react to the sudden burst of speed and altitude. And you can see it, right through the clear tube! Whatever you launch, it is going to make your launch even more exciting.

While this is a big rocket (39 inches tall and 2.2 inches diameter), it is easy to build: it is only ranked as a skill level two in difficulty. It can be assembled by anyone that has built any other model rocket kit.

Recommended 24mm diameter rocket engine: Estes C11-3, D12-5, Aerotech E15-7, E30-7.

Requires a rocket launch pad equipped with a 1/4-inch diameter launch rod, plus finishing supplies like glue and paint.

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The Perfectflite Altimeter stores a lot of flight data. But it only beeps out the highest altitude. If you would like to see the information about the rest of the flight, you’ll need to transfer the stored data to your computer. This is done through a data cable and some software for your computer. The USB data connection/transfer unit which allows you to retrieve ALL the flight data from the unit, not just the peak altitude. You can download flight data from lift-off to landing.

The data connection/transfer unit simply plugs into a small connector built into the altimeter. The other end of the cable then connects to your PC or Macintosh computer through a USB port.

The altimeter records the rockets altitude ten times per second during the flight. So you’ll get data showing the altitude of the rocket at any time during the flight.

The software that comes with the data connection unit will automatically graph out the flight of the rocket.

Once you download the data from the altimeter, you can export it to a spreadsheet program and figure out the speed and acceleration of the rocket during the flight. Remember, speed is simply the change in altitude of the rocket, and acceleration is the change in speed. So with a simple spreadsheet program, you really have access to a lot of information about the rocket. It is the data you need to write up great reports about your rocketry projects.

Imagine the educational aspects of this! For example, as an educational exercise, you can create a comparison of the rocket’s peformance versus the predict values computed by the RockSim software.

Requires the PerfectFlite Altimeter (not included).

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Use this launch pad to launch “E” engine powered rockets. Quick assembly – no glue or tools required. Includes a 1/4 in. (6 mm) launch rod, but can accommodate a 3/16 in. (5 mm) Maxi launch rod – not included. Adult supervision required for anyone under 18 when launching “E” engine powered rockets.

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Porta-Pad II Launch Pad A sturdy, plastic tripod design with tilt adjustment (up to 30 from vertical). Easy to set up and take down – no tools required! Comes complete with: Blast deflector and standoff Two piece 1/8″ (3 mm) launch rod Safety cap and key Porta-Pad II can accommodate a 3/16″ (5 mm) launch rod (not included).

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Eliminator Rocket Kit by Estes Tear up the sky with the Eliminator! This mega-performing sport rocket will reach altitudes up to 1400 feet. One-piece fin unit and no painting makes this a quick build.

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The Puma ready-to-fly rocket will scratch through the clouds! This sleek cat will soar up to 800 feet and is recovered with a 9 inch hi-viz orange streamer.

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