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Do you want to get some practice building high-power rockets? Then the Super Cherokee 29 is right for you. With its beefy tubes and through-the-wall fin tabs, it is just one step away from being a high power kit. The 29mm motor mount means this stylish rocket can take all the mid-power motors. Its versatility makes it a great practice model if you are considering stepping up to high-power in the future.

Even with heavy-wall tubes, this rocket is still lightweight thanks to its low-density balsa nose cone, and basswood fins. Because of this, it has really good performance with any rocket engine you put into it. Even an F motor will put this baby over 1,200 feet into a clear blue sky. When you fly it, the only thing louder than the motor is the thunderous applause you’ll get from your family and friends that witness the success of your launch.

The first thing you’ll notice about this rocket is that it is an upscale of an old classic from Estes. The Cherokee-D was first introduced in 1971 and became an instant favorite because of its simple assembly and its large and colorful decals.

This new rendition is like the old Estes kit in that it is also very easy to build. In some ways it is easier, as this one has through-the-wall fin mounting, which makes it a snap to get fins that are perfectly aligned with the tube. The added benefit of this is that you’ll get awesome flights that are straight-and-true.

This rocket also incorporates the latest in rocket technology, like laser-cut fins, rings, and Kevlar shock cord. And it includes an ejection charge baffle so that you don’t need flame-proof recovery wadding to protect the parachute from the heat of the ejection charge.

Recommended 24mm diameter rocket engine: Aerotech 20-7 or F42-8

Requires a rocket launch pad equipped with a 1/4-inch diameter launch rod, plus finishing supplies like glue and paint.

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The “SKY-Eagle” starter set has everything you need to launch your first rocket, including the launch equipment, engines, and an easy-to-assemble rocket model. You just need to provide building supplies like glue, and the four AA-size batteries for the launch controller.

But what makes this a unique starter set is that we are including a FREE video-book CD that shows you how to properly launch your new model rocket. It takes you through the process by letting you watch an expert build and fly a model rocket. It virtually guarantees launch success.

It goes a lot further than just your first launch though. It will teach you how to build simple model rockets, so you’ll be ready for your follow-on launches too. We are including this video book because we want you to have a safe and trouble-free experience when launching rockets.

The Sky-Eagle rocket kit is fully colored with a plastic nose cone and fin unit. The bright colors make the rocket easy to find if it lands in tall grass. The Sky Eagle is a breeze to assemble thanks to the plastic fin unit. It goes together in about 20 minutes.

However, this is not a shake-it-out-of-the-bag rocket. Your child will experience a sense of accomplishment by actually building his/her own rocket. It is something “they” build, that actually does fly high and fast. And because of the way the fins attach the rocket will fly straight-and-true every single time. It is also a rugged model, so it can be launched again and again.

This is one of the largest starter models available at 17.32″ (44 cm) long and 1.38″ (35mm) in diameter. This is important for two reasons. First, the model is easy to handle by younger kids. And second, the large size makes it fly slower, which means it is easier to see when it is launched. Many smaller rockets will rip off the launch pad so quickly that they seem to vaporize into the air. This rocket is nice and slow, so kids can follow it all the way into the air.

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Shuttle XpressA new wave of fighter technology. The Shuttle Xpress carries two fighter shuttles to battle. At apogee (peak altitude), it releases the two fighter shuttles that glide back to earth. Length: 17.69 in. (44.9 cm) Diameter: 1.35 in. (34.3 mm) Weight: 3.2 oz. (89.7 g) Recovery: Booster – 12 in (30 cm) Parachute; Shuttles – Glider Fins: Plastic molded Maximum Altitude: 586 ft. (179 m) Recommended Engines: B4-2, B4-4, B6-2, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5

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Length: 14.5″ (36.83 cm), Dia.: 0.976″ (24.8 mm), Weight: 0.94 oz (26.58 g) Scale-like, surface-to-air missile! Looks realistic on the launch pad and in the air! Easy to build and fly; makes a great beginner kit. Features a blow molded plastic nose cone, die-cut balsa fins, and 12″ parachute recovery. Includes precision water-slide decals and quick-release engine mount for fast engine change. Flights of over 1000 feet are possible with a C6-7 motor. To fly this model it requires a launch system & rocket engines (SOLD SEPARATELY), Manufacturer: Custom Rocket

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The Estes Cosmos Mariner is a 1:67 scale version of the sleek rocket plane from the X PRIZE Lone Star Space Access team. The Estes boost glider rocket spans over one foot in wingspan and 18 inches long and lifts off 250 feet into the air using a mighty Estes D engine. The glider returns in a gentle, soaring arc while the engine pod floats back to earth on a colorful, fully assembled 18 inch parachute. After it’s constructed and painted, simply apply the authentic decals and you have an accurate scale replica of an official Ansari X PRIZE spacecraft. Now it’s your turn to Race Into Space and claim the $10 Million X PRIZE! Launches on Estes D size model rocket engines and recovers as a glider with the engine pod using 18 inch parachute. Requires 3/16 inch Maxi launch rod (#302244) – sold separately.

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The der Red Max was one of Estes most popular rockets a couple decades ago. Its zany markings and comical Red Max character made it fun to build and fly at rocket sites across the US. Todays version is identical in size, color and markings as the origina

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Categories Estes Hobbies Rockets Toys & Games

Hawks Hobbies has taken an old classic Estes kit from the 1970’s and re-released it as a huge upscale that is worthy of being in your rocketry collection. Besides being big, it uses modern-day materials and construction methods. This makes it easy-to-build, and durable as a brick house.

With its huge size fins, this rocket really flies straight. And because of the lightweight materials like the balsa nose cone and coupler, it is FAST! Don’t blink when you launch it, as it has some giddy-up and go.

There are two cool features you’re really going to love. First, it contains an ejection baffle system that is really simple to put together. The original Estes kit also had an ejection baffle too, but this one is so much easier to assemble, since it only uses four components.

The other neat feature is that the engine mount is completely removable. The mount engages the fin tabs that protrude through the tube. It is really ingenious, and you’ll probably want to get the kit just so you can copy the design and use it in your other rockets. To install the mount, simply insert the assembly and give it a quarter-turn twist.

The ability to remove the engine mount makes it easy to clean the crud out of the ejection charge baffles between flights. You can also duplicate the design and make a larger mount to fly those bigger engines. That would give you two mounts to choose from, making this a very versatile rocket.

This rocket also includes a large payload bay, which gives you the option of flying some big experiments or electronics on the flight. An altimeter would be a natural choice, but it is roomy enough for things like eggs, and other electronic gizmos.

Recommended 24mm diameter rocket engine: Aerotech E15-4 or E30-4

Requires a rocket launch pad equipped with a 1/4-inch diameter launch rod, plus finishing supplies like glue and paint.

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Use this controller to launch E motor powered rockets. Comes complete with safety key and 30 feet of cable. Requires four AA alkaline batteries (sold separately). Adult supervision is required for anyone under 18 when launching E motor powered rockets.

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Dominate the sky with the huge E Engine powered Executioner Model Rocket Kit. The Executioner stands over 3 ft. tall. It features a slotted body tube for precise fin alignment. The fins are laser cut wood fins. The Executioner includes an adapter that allows you to quickly convert from E Engine power to D Engine power. Recommended for ages 18 and up. Adult supervision is required for anyone under 18. Launching requires E Launch Controller (#2230) and Porta-Pad E Launch Pad (#2238), sold separately.

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