The F10-4 is part of the Apogee Components “Medalist” line of rocket motors. It features ultra-high-energy propellant (very similar to what is used in the Space Shuttle) and is designed for a special application: lifting lightweight rockets to extreme altitudes. This is a 29mm diameter motor, but is not designed for heavy rockets, like those from Aerotech Consumer Aerospace. It is a LONG burn motor, with a thrust duration of over 8 seconds; which is the longest burning hobby motor. This means it will go and go and go, and you’ll wonder if it will ever stop. It also makes a unique sound as it burns, sort of like a hissing snake. You and your friends will be awed by high your rockets will go with this motor.

This motor can push a lightweight rocket kit, like the Apogee Aspire rocket kit to over 1 mile high! It is not suitable in multi-stage rockets. Includes an igniter and instructions for use. Qty per package: 1

Due to government regulations, this model rocket motor must be transported by truck (no expedited aircraft transport) and cannot be shipped outside the USA. Please allow for extra delivery time when ordering.

Always have an adult supervisor present when launching any model rocket.

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An altimeter measures how high a model rocket flies. This micro-sized electronic altimeter has revolutionized model rocket! It is simple to use, just drop it into the payload bay of your rocket, and launch it.

After you get the rocket back, it makes a series of audible chirps to let you know how high it flew. All you do is count the number of beeps! And it works to altitudes up to 15,000 feet above sea level (accurate to +/- 2 feet) .

This is one small altimeter. It is small enough to fit into a 18mm diameter tube, so it can be used in almost any rocket you might have in your fleet. Its even smaller than the rocket motor that powers the rocket. And it weighs only 14 grams (.5 oz), so that it barely affects the performance of your rocket.

How does it work? The device measures the air pressure surrounding the rocket. Air pressure near the ground is greater than air pressure high in the air. What the unit does is to compare the pressure it senses, to the air pressure on the ground. Using a simple formula, it automatically computes the altitude difference that caused the change in pressure.

This simple way of computing altitude has been used for decades by airline pilots. It is accurate, and easy to determine. But this payload makes it even more simple. It performs all the calculations automatically, so the only thing you have to do is count the number of audible beeps it makes after the flight is over. That is how you can tell how high your rocket flew.

Requires a rocket, such as the “DynaStar Rising Star”, that has a payload compartment. The only thing you need to do to the rocket is to make a small hole in the payload tube, so the pressure inside the rocket can equalize with the outside air.

Battery is included. Replacement Battery: Duracell MN21/23, GP A23, Energizer A23, or Radio Shack 23-144.

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MoondanceTM Model Rocket Kit::Great Beginner’s Kit:Awesome Flight Performance :High Quality Laser Cut Balsa :Safe 18″ parachute recovery :includes metal motor retaining clip :Length 24 1/2″ 62cm :Diameter 1.3″ 3cm :Body Tube Diameter: 1.346″ :Canopy nose cone or balsa nose cone :Recommended engines: B6-2(first flight),:B6-4, C5-3, C6-5, and C6-7 :Instructions :Self Adhesive Decals :Skill Level 2 :Engine Approximate:Altitude :B TBA :C TBA ::To build and launch this kit, you will also need (not included):

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