The Heli-roc is probably one of the most unique model rocket kits available anywhere. Unlike most model rockets that use parachutes to descend after launch, this one utilizes a three rotor blades to help it spin back to the ground; it’s called helicopter recovery.

The three hinged rotor blades are held down against the side of the model by a thin thread during the ascent portion of the rocket flight. At the highest point in the flight, the built-in ejection charge in the rocket engine fires forward. This normally would push the parachute out of the rocket. But in this case, it burns through the thin cotton thread, and allows the rotor blades to swing forward to the deployed position as the rocket starts to fall to the earth. But soon, the air flowing over the blades cause the rocket to start spinning. This slows the rocket down and makes it seem like it is hanging in the air like a spinning space station. It is really exciting to see, and everyone watching will come running to you after you launch it to see how it works.

The model comes with light-weight die-cut balsawood fins and rotor blades; which makes it light weight and competitive in rocketry contests. And if you paint it like the futuristic rendering shown here, you’ll find that it looks like a neat floating space station. How’s that for something out-of-this-world; give it a whirl!

Recommended Rocket Engines: Estes 1/2A3-2T, A3-4T, or A10-3T

Requires a rocket launch pad and ignition controller, plus finishing supplies like glue and paint.

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The Noris Rockets Vostok kit is a semi-scale replica of the Russian rocket used to launch satellites into orbit about the earth. This kit is NOT for beginners. It requires extra finishing skills to make the rocket ready for launch.

Recommended 24mm diameter rocket engine: Estes D12-3 Aerotech E15-4, E30-4

Requires a rocket launch pad plus finishing supplies like glue and paint.

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