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The Snarky rocket is a very distinctive rocket kit. It’s big, bold, and has a really bad attitude. It is meant for modelers that want to say: “You want a piece of me? Then bring it on…” It looks more like an airplane than it does a missile. But don’t let that fool you. It is fully rocket-powered, and it is big! This unique combination is definitely something that will get you noticed at your next rocket launch.

The Snarky is designed to look like an Air Force target drone. That means its purpose is to mimic the flight of enemy airplanes, so that the Air Force can practice intercepting it. But this isn’t a scale model. We designed it just for kicks, and to show you how much fun you really can have with model rocketry.

The air-scoop on the bottom of the model is just one thing that makes this rocket kit unusual. No other rocket kit has one like this. And it actually helps stabilize the rocket; you’ll find that it flies straight as an arrow on every single launch.

Besides the air scoop, the fins are asymmetric. That means they aren’t equally spaced around the rocket like they are on other kits. The combination of the scoop and the asymmetric fins, plus the large size of this kit is what makes it stand out amongst all the other rockets at the flying range.

Besides the cool design, the model is accented by lots of colorful pressure-sensitive decals. Without the teeth, this rocket wouldn’t look so mean, would it?

This is a slightly challenging rocket to build as it involves cutting the tubes at odd angles. It is recommended for modelers with some prior experience with model rockets.

Recommended 24mm diameter rocket engine: Estes C11-3, D12-5, Apogee E6-4, Aerotech E15-4, E30-4.

Requires a rocket launch pad equipped with a 1/4-inch diameter launch rod, plus finishing supplies like glue and paint.

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Propellant for Reloadable Rocket Motor case: RMS-29/120. CASE is NOT included. There are several aluminum rocket motor cases that sound similar, but may not work with this propellant kit. Contact us for additional help in choosing the correct product.

Federal Law dictates that this rocket motor be shipped by truck which increases shipping time. Please allow extra time when ordering for delivery.

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