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This is a MEGA upscale of the classic Nike-X kit that Estes first produced in 1975. And MEGA means big! It is impressive at more than 45 inches tall, almost twice as tall as the original kit!

The flight of this rocket is eye-catching and slow because the rocket is big. It will WOW spectators!

The Nike-X uses state-of-the-art components to give the model robust strength, and still keep it light weight so that it can fly on inexpensive mid-power motors. Here are some of the features:

Laser-Cut Parts, like the fins, centering rings, and bulkheads. The precision-cut of the laser insures that all the parts fit together like a glove.

Heavy-walled engine mount tube that is lined with aluminized polyester foil. This shiny coating reflects heat back into the tube reducing the odds of the inside getting scortched.

Plastic nose cone. This is a big nose cone made from urethane casting resin that is hollow like a blow-molded nose cone.

Interlocking framework inside the model that holds the through-the-wall fin tabs securely in place. Since the framework is made from balsa, it keeps the rocket lightweight and strong.

And the tube is slotted, ensuring that the fins will be straight along the tube, and securely attached to the rocket. You can be sure that you’ll get a ton of flights out of this big mid-powered rocket.

The rocket also includes a Nomex cloth parachute protector. This is a 9 inch square of flame-proof cloth that elminates the need of using wadding with this rocket.

The water-slide decals are also upscaled from the original Estes classic model. You’ll love them and get lots of compliments from your friends on how great this rocket looks.

Recommended 24mm diameter rocket engine: Estes D12-3 Aerotech E15-4, E30-4.

Requires a rocket launch pad equipped with a 1/4-inch diameter launch rod, plus finishing supplies like glue and paint.

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