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Benny is a special bear. He protects you from anything you fear. Benny is a show off to an extreme . He thinks he’s untouchable, if you know what i mean. Birthdate: 1/25/1997

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GENERAL FEATURES: The Schooner by Down East Concepts is a Basic Boat Kit but it’s fun to build and the finished product is something to keep. Create an authentic wooden model. Basic boat kits come complete with pre-cut wooden parts, full instructions and fun facts about the boat. To build your model, you’ll need craft glue, paint and brush and a ruler, not included. This Ship is a part of history and a great way to learn the treasurers of past times. Approximate size finished is 9 inches. For ages ten to one hundred!

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Beautifully crafted 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution diecast model car 1:18 scale die cast by AUTOart. This is a very highly detailed 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution diecast model car 1:18 scale die cast by AUTOart. Every details are well put together. Great collectible or gift piece. 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution diecast model car 1:18 scale die cast by AUTOart is one of the best showcase model for any auto enthusiasts.

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Stikfas Omega Male Military (redecorated) packaged in a regular pack contains: 1x un-assembled omega male military body, 14 super-poseable points of ball-joint articulation, 49 interchangeable parts and accessories, ziplock bag, STIKer sheet, and instruction card. Meet a new generation of toys Stikfas! They’re totally fun! You can play with them, customize them and pose them. Fans from around the world buy these action figure kits and assemble them for their work spaces, or customize them with paints (not included) and the included stickers to make their own creations. They’re totally easy! Snap-on parts make it easy to assemble and interchange in minutes. Stikfas action figure kits each feature super-poseable points of ball-joint articulation and interchangeable parts. They’re totally addictive! Once you’ve bought one, you gotta have more, so build your Stikfas army and join the Stikfas toy revolution! They include various accessories, Ziplock bag, STIKer sheet, and instruction card. With a little time and the right parts, you can make a Stikfas Jango Fett, a Stikfas Spider-Man, even a Stikfas Cthulhu!

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Complete 90 Card Veterans Set of 2005 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football Cards !! Included in this great set are Michael Vick, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, Edgerrin James, Randy Moss, Byron Leftwich, Brett Favre, and even Walter Payton! Cards are shipped in a protective display case to preserve their MINT condition!! Great set of cards for any Football Fan !! Questions? Call our answer line at 770-736-9998 !, Manufacturer: Upper Deck

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