Based on the best-selling fantasy comic book and graphic novel series! Elves, wolves, trolls and magical monsters… the ElfQuest action figures will take you to a fantastic world you’ll never want to leave! Picknose: Greedy, smelly and all-around cranky, Picknose the troll likes his name and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. His club is ready to teach all who dare to mock him a hard lesson.

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Put together a predator! Made from premium quality imported wood, this three-dimensional puzzle features inter-locking pieces that don’t require tools or glue for assembly. Part of the Dinosaur Junior Collection, this raging raptor is a bone-a fide challenge! Comes with a Velociraptor Fact File and Excavation Site Map for assistance if needed. Measures 24 long and 12 high when completed. Ages 6 and Up.

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With these color-coded tiles, students can manipulate parts of a whole to see how those portions relate to each other. Use the tiles to perform simple math operations with decimals. Each set contains 51 plastic tiles in a sturdy plastic storage tray. Includes decimal values of 1.0, 0.50, 0.33, 0.25, 0.166, 0.125, 0.10, 0.083. Activity Guide provides suggestions for use alone or with other Rainbow Fraction?® Teaching System products. Tray measures 10″L x 9″H.


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(Grades 2-5).These books provide students with the opportunity to practice and memorize their math facts. Students can repeat tests until they have reached the desired speed and accuracy.


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This Disney Auctions exclusive is one of several limited edition pins issued in the Princess Profile Series. The series includes Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle (Beauty and the Beast). There are only 1000 pins for each Princess.::This pin features a profile of Princess Aurora. She wears a gold tiara. The profile is set against a light blue background. It is framed with a lavender and pink flower and circle design motif that is edged in gold. Each pin measures about 2.25 inches in length by 1.75 inches in width, and 0.125 inch in thickness excluding the pin clutches. The pin and all painted enamel areas are edged in gold.::Each pin is made of painted hard enamel on base metal, and is mounted on the official Disney Auction backing display which is black velveteen material on a black plastic card. The backing display card is about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide. The top of the display card has the gold Disney Auction logo, while the bottom has the Disney Auction web site. The pin itself is attached to the backing display card with two black rubber Mickey Mouse ear clutches. The back of the pin is gold with the Disney Auction gavel design repeated over the entire surface. A box in the center of the back reads “(c) Disney,, Limited Edition 1000, Disney Auctions Exclusive.”

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Included are 14 fun projects for investigating static electricity. They include building an electroscope, playing “electron tetherball,” creating indoor lightning, and causing objects to obey your commands “magically.”

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