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Use your 4th Grade problem-solving skills to unearth the secrets of the lost treasure map! Pack extreme fun and exciting adventure into learning as you find clues in caves, unlock hidden tunnels, and solve the mystery, Master skills in Math, Geography, Grammar, Science, and more!! Auto-leveling helps children learn at the pace that suits them. Creative games, challenging activities, and exciting adventures keep children involved for hours of learning fun. Seven different learning styles help kids achieve better understanding.

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In re-creating the original poster for the 1972 release, Elvis on Tour, McFarlane’s Pop Culture Masterworks has crafted an entirely new collectible format for fans of “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Combining traditional sculpting with forced perspective, this 8

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Manufacturer: GET READY KIDS FORMERLY MT&B Grade: Preschool – 2nd Multicultural puppets help kids learn about careers and community. surface washable 12 inches tall multicultural


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The Mailbox® Math Learning Center Collection, Grade 3 Engage students. Promote independent practice. Motivate and reward kids for a job well done. These are all important parts of your job, and now you can prepare more quickly and execute more easily with the Math Learning Center Collection from your friends at The Mailbox. Each collection features ten ready-to-use centers that are designed to promote independent practice and build competency while saving you preparation time. These durably constructed centers are designed for years of use, feature vibrant colors, and are self-checking, saving you time and providing truly independent learning opportunities for your students.


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It?s the Gross-Out 3D Trading Game that?s disgustingly fun for kids ages 6-12 to collect, play and trade. Creepy Freaks are tabletop miniatures designed with younger kids in mind. This game is full of gross-out humor that kids love and designed around simple rules that are easy for them to understand. Freak Leaders pit teams of Creepy Freaks monsters against each other to see who?ll be the first to “Freak Out? the others. Among the 56 Creepy Freaks in the game are Frosty the Snotman, with his special Chunky Sneeze attack; the ultracool Skelehomie, who stays calm no matter how gross the game gets; Worm Breath with his Worm Toss; and Monster under the Bed, who wails the Moan of Doom. Each Starter Set includes everything a single player needs to get started. Two sets are available so kids can choose their favorite. Contents: Lucas, Spitty Cat, Headley, and Swirly 4 character stickers 4 ID stickers Playmat Rulebook Die Creepy Freaks Cartoon DVD

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